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Hi, welcome to the MONSTER - The Advanced Shooter(CHINA1 EXPANSION) testing family

(MONSTER - The Advanced Shooter Project)(CHINA1 EXPANSION) ----------------------------------------------------- The gameplay was given a more arcade touch. A life system was implemented into the single-player game, on large arena battles, and many more. ----------------------------------------------------- The game includes a beautiful environment with ancient Egyptian pyramids, Italy with Rome statues, and medieval castles, valley, chinatown architecture and many more. There are some super extraterrestrial beings who wants to rule the universe. Enemies spawn frequently and attack in large waves from across the game map, and the player is intended to dodge their projectiles and charges by jumping and strafing rather than by taking cover. The levels typically consist of a series of elaborate arenas, in which the player will defeat a set number of re-spawning enemies before proceeding to the next. -----------------------------------------------------

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